About Us

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How it all Started

The Red Level Baptist Church was established as a mission of the Church House Hammock Baptist Church on September 23, 1894. The church was organized with forty-six members, and used the Red Level School house until 1895 when the first building was finished. In 1899 the church started a mission in Crystal River that became the 1st Baptist Church of Crystal River. In 1982 the church started a Preschool beginning with 3 and 4 year old’s. In 1987 the church started another mission at the opposite end of West Dunnellon Rd, called River Gardens Baptist Church. On March 17, 1995 the church relocated to the new and existing site now on West Dunnellon Rd, and do to not having the space for the school that had grown to 12th grade, had to transfer it to River Gardens Baptist Church. In 2016 God led us to start the Arena Ministry and He has blessed us with providing everything need by donations. 

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Expanding the Vision

As we recognize that the community is growing around us, we recognize the need for us to prepare for that growth. We strive to reach the growing community around us, as we strive to build ministries to reach all generations, of all people.

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Where We are Headed

We are a small country church, with a smaller crowd, but God has shown us that the community around us is not staying small very long, therefore, we must adopt to the changes that are coming in our community in order that we can reach the lost in our community for the glory of God. With that we are seeking God’s guidance and leadership on new ministries and to improve existing ministries to better impact our community.