Young Adults

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Young Adults 50 & Under

´╗┐´╗┐Young adults are the up and coming, they are the ones we are developing as leaders. They are generally the young families, the starting out families, the ones who are starting out in careers, in college, not youth group and not young at heart age. These are the ones that we can start to develop into the next leaders of the church, and build the future of the church around. Our young adults are the ones who are eagar to help and work where they can and still are able to do so many more things than most of our young at heart, and that gives them the opportunity to learn from that group. The young adults and their children are the future of the churches across the country!

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When we are able we get together once a month for dinner and we will rotate from going to resturants and just coming to the church grounds where the kids can play on the play ground. We will also plan the family fun days and other activities that we can that will get all of us togther with our kids to have a great day.